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Benefits of Solar

Save on utility bills with affordable, renewable energy

Looking for ways to save money on skyrocketing utility bills? Adding solar panels to your home or business can drastically reduce or even eliminate electricity bills and help protect you from fluctuating electricity rates. Solar panels are earth-friendly too, reducing your carbon footprint by generating clean, renewable energy from the sun. They can even increase the value of your home or commercial property!

Grants and tax incentives-more reason to go solar

There are multiple grants and incentives available for homeowners and commercial property owners who install solar systems. The Federal Residential Solar Tax Credit allows taxpayers to claim a 30% tax credit on the cost of solar systems on their federal income taxes. Commercial solar is eligible for a variety of federal and state grant programs and tax incentives as well. 45-80% of the cost of your solar system could be covered by utilizing these programs.

Solar Panels
Sunpulse Solar

Why Choose Us?

White Glove Customer Service

When you choose to install a solar system, there are plenty of companies vying for your business. So what makes us the best choice? We believe it’s our white glove approach to customer service. From start to finish, we seek to answer your questions, address your concerns, and make the entire process seamless and stress free. Our decades of experience in the solar industry makes us uniquely qualified to figure out what type of system will work best for your property to achieve maximum efficiency and savings. Installing a solar system may seem like a complicated process, but our team will handle all the details, keeping you informed along the way. You can be confident that your system is exactly what you need at the best possible price.



  • Roof mounts
  • Ground mounts
  • Battery backup
  • Generators
  • Roofing



  • Roof mounts
  • Ground mounts
  • Battery backup

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Peter Tevendale

Chief Operations

Pete has been the glue that holds the operations team together at SunPulse from the very beginning. Having over 35 years of construction background including 15+ years of solar installation experience, his vast knowledge of how things work and come together is one of the most valuable components of this team. When you meet him, it is nearly impossible not to smile. This man has positive energy radiating from his whole being! Give this man a challenge that others could not overcome and he will welcome it with his big southern grin as he destroys all obstacles in his path with ease and grace. We count ourselves lucky that we are fortunate enough to work beside this man and are proud to call him part of the family!

David Robbins

Vice President

As a founding partner with over a decade of experience under his belt leading sales and administrative teams, David uses his vast knowledge and skills to manage our project development team with honesty and integrity. If you take a moment to read the testimonials and reviews from our customers, you will see the results of David’s leadership efforts shine through in the words of our happy clients. His tireless work ethic and dedication to creating impeccable results in each and every part of our process makes us proud to have him at the helm.

Luke Amick

President & Founder

From the day this company was formed, Luke has carried a vision of providing top-notch energy products and services to his community with a level of service you could only expect from someone who cares as deeply about the impact of his work as he does. Each day, this vision bleeds into the heart of his team as he leads with a hands-on approach seldom seen by executives today. This level of care and commitment has created the tight knit family that is the SunPulse Solar team. From the moment you first speak with our secretary to the final flipping of the switch to turn on your new solar system, Luke will make it his personal mission for you to experience a level of care and attention to your project that will make you proud to be part of the SunPulse family!