Generators & Battery Backup

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Reliable Battery Backup

for your solar system

When the utility power goes out, your panels will stop feeding energy into your home and the grid. This is a necessary safety precaution to protect the individuals working to restore power to the grid. Unfortunately, it also means that unless you have battery backup, your panels will not provide power to your home during an outage. Installing battery backup with your solar system will keep your power on even when the grid goes down.

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With battery backup, you can save even more on your electric bill by using stored solar power during peak usage times, avoiding the higher peak rates. Whether your priority is saving money, protecting your family from grid failure, or reducing your carbon footprint, battery backup is a worthwhile investment.

Backup Generators

If protection from power outages is your primary concern, a backup generator is a great way to get the added peace of mind you need. A natural gas or propane powered generator will provide enough power to run your whole home, even after your solar batteries have been depleted.

We install most brands of generators for residential and commercial use to help you make sure your home or business is protected whether the power goes out for a few hours or a few days.

Brands We Offer

Solar Edge
Storz Power

Solar Batteries + Generator Backup


Integrating both solar batteries and a generator offers the most foolproof solution for power outages. Your backup battery will allow you to save money by using stored green energy during peak usage times, and it will power critical functions during short outages. If the power goes out for a longer period, you can turn to your backup generator. With battery and generator backup, you’ll never be left in the dark again.

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